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To this proclamation of life

between historic circular patterns of birth, death, and finally rebirth

Here we are

Branded by this organic form that surrounds us

Wasting away

Based on the evolution of change

We are trapped

Cocooned inside

Shouting orders to this system of indifference

Bonded to one another by familiar energy of communication

We are all alike in every way except one


Uninvented by human thought

It serves as the inventor

As all powerful ruler of these wild, primitive bodies

Welcome to our escape from relative change

Welcome to reality created by millions of nerves and transistors

Welcome to my world...

7000 eyes
surrounded by cells
caught between bars
of gold and manure

a treasure of filth
worthless to call my own
melted into your wanting eyes
brought into existance by popular demand

it anticipates your every thought
perfected by greed and ignorance
you sit there
pondering my loyalty
to this fading space of dust and light

uselessness falling around you
like armies of robotic trends
meaningless sounds fill your
conciousness with doubt
you gaze at me in tidy, neatly stacked wonder

Is happiness so far away?
Or is it a chameleon straight in front of our eyes
lying still in wait for capture
Or is it right there within our arms
comforting, warming, soothing our lives?

We try to translate these voices, words feelings
that taunt us at night
Still something blocks the way to the answer
This dark forest we are forever lost in
at times seems so beautiful and relaxing
but also frightening and cold

This is the balance we need to survive
Our minds torn between two worlds
An internal conflict of constant realizations
A continuous flow towards reconstruction...

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Cool Pixxxx

Constant Movement

This planet
A tiny cell amoung billions of parallel sanctions
In constant movement
Driven through time by some unknown force
Unknown to concious mind
This precense of sheer majesty
Controlling everything
Controlling reality
Earth cannot stop turning
As so my mind can never stop racing
Trying to assess the damage brought by human creation that infests our world
Striving to realize the answer
While choosing the question
In constant movement
In complete harmony with the universe...

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